Keynote Conversation with Major Sports League Counsel

On Friday, October 27th, 2023, the Brooklyn Entertainment and Sports Law Society (BESLS) and the Intellectual Property Law Association (IPLA) hosted the third annual Brooklyn Law School Sports Law Symposium. This year’s symposium theme was “Sports Tech: A Sports Lawyer’s Playbook.”

After a full morning of panel discussions and networking opportunities, the day concluded with a keynote conversation between Professor Jodi Balsam and Jax Russo Curtin (Vice President, Legal, Major League Soccer). Ms. Curtin’s unique expertise lies in her ability to blend legal expertise with a deep understanding of how technology impacts the sports field.  

Ms. Curtin spoke about the critical role technology played in making her an asset at previous firms and currently at MLS. She highlighted how embracing ever-changing technology has enriched her legal practice by helping her provide innovative solutions in the sports law field. Ms. Curtin’s enthusiasm for using technology to improve her legal work was evident and she encouraged young lawyers to remain tech-savvy as well.  

Prior to joining MLS, Ms. Curtin gained invaluable experience negotiating sponsorships at Heineken USA, where a major focus was on deals with sports teams and stadiums. This experience allowed her to seamlessly transition to MLS, where her background laid the foundation for her success in the complex world of technology integration in sports law.  

Overall, Ms. Curtin expressed her excitement in witnessing how technology will play a role in the current momentum MLS is experiencing. For example, Ms. Curtin discussed her unique opportunity to engage in discussions about the integration of new technologies such as blockchain and NFTs into MLS initiatives. A willingness to delve into such complex conversations highlights Ms. Curtin’s forward-thinking approach and ability to navigate the intersection of law, technology, and sports. Like Ms. Curtin, we are also eager to see how technology will keep reshaping the field of sports law, offering new opportunities and innovations that will certainly change the game.  

BESLS, IPLA, and everyone in attendance would like to thank Ms. Curtin and Professor Balsam for an incredible discussion to end our Sports Law Symposium on a high note.

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